About IWOOify

Who Are We

IWOOify was founded by unique group limited. Unique Group Ltd was established in 2014 as an online marketing service and has many years of experience in promoting online sales for its clients.

Our Mission

We founded IWOOify with the hope of providing enterprises with a complete online and offline sales system. Through our experience, we understand that a good sales system is the key to the success of online and offline sales.

What We Do

Why Choose Us?

Our system is designed according to our many years of online sales experience, the function of the system is designed with reference to the shortcomings of many systems, compared to other systems in the market has more activity and functional diversity.

Our online system has a number of sales price calculation methods, including changing the sales price according to the quantity, combining the price, buying X and getting X free, etc., which is very active.

In addition to the system automatically sends email / SMS shipping and receipt notifications. Our system can also set up your own automatic coupon distribution conditions, such as birthday offers, new user offers, attract guests to return to the offer, etc.

Our system includes offline POS system, our POS combined with online membership, points and warehouses, etc., for you to develop O2O solutions.

Includes an integrated logistics interface, which is convenient for logistics colleagues to enter the waybill information and check the logistics information on the simple page.

Perfect docking SF system, you can print SF waybills through our system, eliminating the trouble of writing orders, and automatically updating the delivery status. At the same time, we also provide SF Station/ Smart Cabinet / OK Convenience Store / 7-11 Convenience Store Address Management.

We’ll provide companionship for your colleagues and provide a 7 x 24 inquiry service.

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