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All pictures and layout guidelines are provided by the customer. If there are more than one language, we will count each language as one page of layout

ll product photos and all related text are provided by customers (if there are different languages, each language will be counted as one product. For example, if the same product is in Chinese and English, we will count it as two products.

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Services and systems include:

  • Package first system setup (including first web layout / Google Analytics / Facebook Pixel / AdWords settings)
  • Store creation and design management interface
  • Inventory management and sales of goods
  • Payment platform and logistics connection
  • Order and Operations Management
  • Customer management
  • Integration of social platforms and third-party analytics platforms
  • Automated publicity
  • Points Rewards
  • Coupon function
  • Membership features
  • SEO features
  • Reporting features

For website hosting services, please refer to the price list below

Click here > IWOOify x Kinsta
Click here > IWOOify x Servebolt

Kinsta and Servebolt are our partners, and we recommend that customers choose our designated website hosting solutions because this way we can ensure the stability of the system. If customers choose other third-party website hosting service providers, we cannot assist in uploading. We will send it to the customer in a packaged file.

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Detailed Function List

$ 9800
One Time Cost
  • Shop establishment and design

  • Unique URL
  • RWD Responsive Website Design
  • Unlimited custom pages (support product shopping now function)
  • Blog
  • Design themes
  • Quickly add to cart, buy now button
  • Forms management tools
  • Open CSS editing
  • Multi-national currency values are displayed
  • English/Traditional Chinese are supported
  • Inventory management and sales of goods

  • Unlimited items
  • Support for multi-layer variable products
  • Inventory management of goods
  • Item out-of-stock alerts
  • Bulk modification of products
  • Hide products
  • Book a special time for merchandise
  • Make an appointment for the product to be listed
  • Purchase additional items
  • Cross-selling
  • Product Search
  • Product evaluation (in the website review *)
  • Support payment platform and logistics connection

  • ****QF Pay payment docking (support full refund / partial refund) – special fee !

  • Visa / Master 2.85%

  • Payme 1.5% + QF Pay 0.2%

  • FPS 1.5%

  • WeChat Pay 1.8%

  • Alipay 1.8%

  • PayPal (full refund / partial refund after the store is supported)
  • Stripe (full refund / partial refund supported after the store)
  • Stripe (full refund / partial refund supported after the store)
  • Braintree (full refund / partial refund)
  • Google Pay (full refund / partial refund is supported after the store is supported)
  • Apple Pay (full refund / partial refund in the store is supported)
  • Global Payment
  • *** The company does not provide any payment channels, we can assist customers to apply for service from third-party collection agencies
  • Customize your logistics options
  • SF Station (7-11 / OK Convenience Store / SF Station / SF Location Automatic Update)
  • Alfred Lockers (7-11 / OK便利店 / 順豐站 / 順豐營運點自動更新)
  • Order and Operations Management

  • Orders report
  • Orders are modified in bulk
  • Backstage valet orders
  • Order return management
  • Re-order function
  • Unfinished cart checkout reminder letter
  • Unlimited groups manage accounting number permissions
  • Customers register by Email / Facebook / Gmail
  • Customer Phone One-Time Password Login

    (Google offers 10,000 free SMS per month, while also supporting other paid SMS gateways such as Twilio)

  • Customer management

  • Customer Blacklist Tool (Block IP)
  • Customer profile management/import/export
  • Integration of social platforms and third-party analytics platforms

  • Connect the Facebook Pixel and Product Catalog
  • Facebook Store Chaining
  • Instagram Store Threading
  • Connect AdWords Conversion Tracking and remarketing
  • Connect to Google Analytics (Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking)
  • Connect google tag manager
  • Points Rewards

  • Support store-wide/category/standalone product setting points
  • Manually increase/cancel points
  • Newly created account points rewards
  • Product Evaluation Points Rewards
  • Purchase Points Rewards
  • Coupon function

  • Percentage discount
  • Discounts on fixed-price car rentals
  • Fixed item discounts
  • Minimum spending limit
  • For sole use only
  • Exclude specials
  • Product Restrictions
  • Product category
  • Email restrictions
  • Brand restrictions
  • Maximum use of coupons
  • The user’s usage limit
  • Membership features

  • Membership Rating (Unlimited)
  • Member-only page
  • Non-member product purchase and browsing restrictions
  • Exclusive rates for members
  • Set exclusive prices based on membership level
  • Member upgrade reminders
  • SEO features

  • Title and Meta Description features
  • SiteMap is available
  • Redirect function
  • Reporting features

  • Order Report – Sold by Date
  • Order Report – Sell by Commodity
  • Orders Report – Sales by Category
  • Order Report – Sold by Coupon
  • Customer sales report
  • Inventory reports

Advanced logistics functions

This is followed by enterprise functions and management

$ 0
  • SF Express / Alfred Locker / Hong Kong Post waybill printing (supports Hong Kong and Macau regions)
  • SF Express / Alfred Locker / Hongkong Post waybill status update



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